Welcome to Adventures of Asfalorn – a West Style Marches style D&D 5th Edition campaign based on Forgotten Realms that will be run on Fantasy Grounds.

Asfalorn is a lost, forgotten island off of the Sword Coast. It was previously populated, but was eventually overrun by unknown forces, the cities, town and most of the population lay in ruins.

A new campaign has been launched to reclaim Asfalorn. A city of Troy has been established, and is protected by a forcefield being maintained by a mage order named – The Seekers. There are some remaining humanoid survivors as well, so either angle for a character being created in this world is equally likely and fair game. Just looking for adventure? Looking to become a hero? Looking to play a key diplomatic role in establishing alliances with other races/creatures? Everyone willing to help has a place in this campaign.

The campaign will be an open world sandbox campaign with multiple DMs, numerous players, and will be driven by both DMs and Players alike. Have an idea for a session, make a post about it. Have a character goal? Feel free to share it, and try to get others to join you in your quest!

Character Creation will be limited to the Typical AL rules – no Aarakocra, players have to be cooperative etc. Monstrous Races from Volos are allowed. Revised Ranger – Unearthed Arcana – Subclasses : Hunter Conclave, Beast Master, and Deep Stalker. All PHB, Volos, SCAG, EE Player Companion options are allowed, even DMG Death Cleric and Anti Paladin, as long as you fully accept cooperative play. Given the nature of multiple DMs and a friendly sandbox world with numerous players this can’t be emphasized enough.

Adventures of Asfalorn

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